Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

Health Benefits of Raisins

Raisin is a small fruit that is packed with a lot of benefits. Raisin has the capability of increasing libido and sperm motility, and is a known food for treating erectile dysfunction. The fruit is known for its laxative property. It is a natural food that helps in curing and treating constipation. This is a fruit that old aged people can eat. The bloating and the high acidity effect that one experiences after eating heavy food is greatly reduced, when raisins are consumed. People suffering from low blood levels and low production of red blood cells will benefit a lot, if they have raisins. This food is beneficial for pregnant women as well. The high antioxidant property of raisins make them a hero in stopping infections and fever. Common cold is kept at bay, when raisins are taken on a regular basis. Many people also suffer from low energy levels, and raisins are good for releasing energy as they have high doses of carbohydrates. Hair growth and retention of hair shine are seen when raisins are consumed, and they are surely a healthy snack.


Fresh grapes that are seeded or unseeded are dried in the natural sunlight, and the moisture content is kept at 16% of the content to make raisin. Raisins are found beneficial than candies and surely benefit children. The dried raisins are available in black color, golden color and green color. Raisins can be taken raw or can be added while cooking. This dried fruit is used in cakes for toppings. They are used in cookies, puddings and desserts as an ingredient for added taste.

Nutritional Value of Raisins

Raisins are a rich source of energy, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. 100 grams of raisins contain 249 calories of energy and are helpful for people, who need more energy. The fibre content of raisins is high as compared to grapes, and is considered a natural laxative. The energy levels offered by raisins are high, and they are used in health tonics. Adventure sports lovers use raisins in their daily diet. The carbohydrate level that one gets as per RDA is 61%, and raisins have a low level of fat. The level of potassium is 26%, copper is 16% and manganese is 16%. Thiamin and riboflavin are 7% each and vitamins are 86% of the total content of raisins.

Natural Laxative

Raisins are known to have good laxative properties and are found to facilitate bowel movement. People suffering from chronic constipation will benefit, if they take some raisins daily, especially at night before bed. Good bowel movement would reduce chances of getting colon cancer.

Cure bloating and acidity

Raisins contains a high level of potassium and magnesium and are found to reduce acidity. The feeling of bloating is also reduced when a person have raisins daily, and this natural medicine is better than antacids that one buy from medical stores. The toxic level in the blood that leads to gas condition or bloating is reduced, and health issues such as boils and skin diseases are kept at bay.

Best for Anaemia

Raisins have a high amount of vitamins and iron content that help in reducing anemia, and copper content in raisins helps in the production of red cells. Regular intake of raisins helps in wound healing, and also speeds up blood clotting when a wound occur.

Acts as antioxidants

Viral and bacterial infections like fever and common cold are kept at bay, when dry raisins are taken regularly. Raisins get high antioxidant properties due to a high level of phenolic phytochemicals. Polyphenolic antioxidants like catechins are more in raisins, and this helps in the prevention of cancer forming radicals inside the body. The prevention of the formation of free radicals inside the body also helps in attaining good eye health, improving the eyesight and in keeping eyes clean.

Fight tooth decay

Oleanolic acid is present in raisins, and this helps in the prevention of tooth decay. This also helps in keeping the teeth clean and healthy by removing germs. Cavities are formed inside the teeth due to the growth of bacteria like Porphyromonas gingivalis, and Streptococcus mutans. Raisins help to control formation of these bacteria. They are rich in calcium that help in the prevention of peeling of teeth. Boron is present in raisins, and this helps in teeth whitening as well.

Treat Infertility

Natural sugars are abundant in raisins, and this helps in releasing loads of energy. Raisins are good for releasing energy for sex and are useful in treating erectile dysfunction in men. Raisins are good for improved blood circulation and are a natural aphrodisiac. Raisins have arginine, and it helps in improving sperm motility and would help in treating infertility.

Youthful skin

Skin will benefit if one takes good quality of raisins as the effect takes place inside the body. The skin cells are prevented from being damaged and would help in the prevention of the forming of wrinkles and so on. The sagging skin seen in aged people can be prevented, if one consumes raisins daily. The presence of resveratrol helps in removing toxic cells from the blood and helps in purifying the blood too. The skin is nourished and becomes shiny, and conditions like psoriasis are kept in check when raisins are taken regularly.

Beautiful healthy hair

Raisins help in maintaining shiny hair, and regular intake would help in keeping hair healthy. It facilitates hair growth and hair follicle cells are improved on having raisins regularly. The absorption of vitamin C inside the body would help in preventing scalp inflammation and prevent cell damage. Conditions like dandruff, flakiness and scalp itchiness can also be prevented by regular consumption of this fruit.

Remedy for Insomnia

People suffering from inadequate sleep can take raisins. They are also known to reduce hypertension. The stress levels of the body are reduced when raisins are taken on a regular basis, and this helps in ensuring that right mental strength is attained for good sleep. Sodium is absent in raisins and potassium is present in large quantities, making raisins a good healthy snack.

Regulate cholesterol levels

Cholesterol that is good is increased, and low cholesterol is kept in control, when raisins are taken on a regular basis. This ensures that heart health is improved and would help in the prevention of forming of a blood clot that leads to heart attacks.

Prevent kidney stones

Raisins prevent the formation of kidney stones and when combined with physical exercise would ensure that weight is managed well.

Get into shape

Raisins are a good source of preventing weight gain as they have low-fat content. They are known as one of the best foods that can be taken as a snack. A good snack for Type 2 diabetic patients, as the glycemic index of raisins are moderate.

Uses of Raisins

Properly stored fresh raisins can be taken raw and can be used in cooking. Dry fruits like almonds and dates can be used along with raisins. Some have raisins by boiling it with milk. Raisins used with warm milk, should be the seedless ones. Raisins can be sprinkled on top of oatmeal, and this would offer a healthy start in the morning. One can add raisins to chicken curry and make it healthier. Dried raisins are used as salad in some cuisines, and they go well with all types of baked foods. Muffins, jams, jellies, puddings, cakes and biscuits are some of the items in which raisins are sprinkled.

Origin And Cultivation of Raisins

Some people develop allergies to grapes and raisins. While some others develop wheezing problems or breathing problems, and there are people with carbohydrate overload. Few side effects found in people consuming raisins are vomitingdiarrhoea and fever.


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